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In a Spin

April 6, 2012

April 5, 2012

Nashville’s spring flowers are so surprised! Their blooms opened in March to 80 degree temperatures! Summer flowers followed fading redbud, dogwood, and daffodils before the calendar page turned to April. Everything has been lush, and green, and a little mixed up. I wouldn’t say things are spinning out of control, but we are in a spin. The pretty hellebore in the picture has been composited against a background layer that I shot by turning the camera while the shutter was open. I combined the layers, first of all, to prove to myself that I could still remember how in spite of my long absence from taking, processing and posting any photos, and, second, because it seemed appropriate to this crazy, topsy-turvy spring.

I’m mixing things up in my blog world, too. I added the final post to Radnor Reflections just a little while ago, and I will combine my photo-a-day pictures that have been in Lightdance into this main blog, Three Dog Studio. Please join me here if you have been a Radnor Reflections, or Lightdance reader.  I love it when you stand in my light!

  1. capecodhome permalink

    Very pretty, spring is sure on its way!

  2. Susan permalink

    Flowers! Yea. Does this mean you’re really back?

    • I think so, Susan. I took two cameras with me to Radnor this morning! The Lensbaby always makes me feel better!

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